Pre-Christians, “Christians” & Post-Christians


All mission is not the same.  If we have learned anything about missiology over the last few decades, it's that the culture creates the context for mission.  Different cultures= different missions. Let's look at three different types of "mission spaces" in Western Culture. Pre-Christians & Mission Yes, pre-Christian was a term used in the early 00's (largely by … [Read more...]

Where the Missional Church Misses It


It has been years since I talked with a Pastor who didn’t describe themselves as missional. It has been a long time since I have been on a church website that didn't include the word missional somewhere in their value statements. Missional churches.  Missional conferences.  Missional books.  Missional leaders. Missional.  Missional.  Missional. Us late modern church … [Read more...]

Why Is It So Hard to Believe in God?

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Why Is It So Hard to Believe in God? It is hard to believe in God as revealed in Jesus.  Many struggle with doubts.  Some deny faith outright.  I for one, can find faith difficult at times:  The dead physically coming back to life?  Seas parting for believers and then, at just the right moment, swallowing up the heathen?  Lepers receiving an instantaneous healing?  Yes, it can … [Read more...]