Pre-Christians, “Christians” & Post-Christians


All mission is not the same.  If we have learned anything about missiology over the last few decades, it's that the culture creates the context for mission.  Different cultures= different missions. Let's look at three different types of "mission spaces" in Western Culture. Pre-Christians & Mission Yes, pre-Christian was a term used in the early 00's (largely by … [Read more...]

Where the Missional Church Misses It


It has been years since I talked with a Pastor who didn’t describe themselves as missional. It has been a long time since I have been on a church website that didn't include the word missional somewhere in their value statements. Missional churches.  Missional conferences.  Missional books.  Missional leaders. Missional.  Missional.  Missional. Us late modern church … [Read more...]

On What Christianity Is and What it is Not


What is Christianity? Some say it is a tired, old, throwback.  It is the codification of the stunted desires of long dead prudes.  The anthem of the morally anal-retentive. Others say it is the invention of the late-Roman world powers.  A grand trick of the rulers to keep the masses pacified and distracted. Still others say it is the symbolic representation of the … [Read more...]

Should I Plant a Church?


Should I Plant a Church? Yes, this is a fairly common question. Chances are if actually believe in God, have some sense that He is calling you to serve Him, AND you do not see yourself as some type of a whacked out church-weirdo, you have considered church planting. At times, church planting seems like the only respectable option for a “normal” young person to serve in … [Read more...]