Pre-Christians, “Christians” & Post-Christians


All mission is not the same.  If we have learned anything about missiology over the last few decades, it's that the culture creates the context for mission.  Different cultures= different missions. Let's look at three different types of "mission spaces" in Western Culture. Pre-Christians & Mission Yes, pre-Christian was a term used in the early 00's (largely by … [Read more...]

I Know, Church Sucks. But…


Connor:  Yo, Brian- what’s goin on?  Hey, I wanted to share something with you because I thought you might be the kind of person to talk about this with.  I hope what I have to share will make sense to you and that you wont think less of me for sharing.  So…  I have to admit that I am beginning to think that church sucks and is a complete waste of time.  I mean, its probably … [Read more...]