Where the Missional Church Misses It


It has been years since I talked with a Pastor who didn’t describe themselves as missional. It has been a long time since I have been on a church website that didn't include the word missional somewhere in their value statements. Missional churches.  Missional conferences.  Missional books.  Missional leaders. Missional.  Missional.  Missional. Us late modern church … [Read more...]

Do We Really Need Pastors?


Pastor, I regret to inform you, but you have been released from your vocation. You have been let go, and others have been chosen to take over your position. I appreciate the work you did for me in the past. As I am typing this, it just now strikes me how difficult your work must have been. It has taken several different people to take over your previous role. You must … [Read more...]