We Are All The Citizens of iPhone World


  I live in iPhone World.  My guess is you do too. I woke up early this morning thanks to the alarm on my iPhone.  Later, I had a text-based conversation with my 13 year old son, while he was in the middle of a Jr. High class.  I commented on a conference, going on two states away via Twitter, and at least a couple of people noticed my comment and seemed to … [Read more...]

Pre-Christians, “Christians” & Post-Christians


All mission is not the same.  If we have learned anything about missiology over the last few decades, it's that the culture creates the context for mission.  Different cultures= different missions. Let's look at three different types of "mission spaces" in Western Culture. Pre-Christians & Mission Yes, pre-Christian was a term used in the early 00's (largely by … [Read more...]

Where the Missional Church Misses It


It has been years since I talked with a Pastor who didn’t describe themselves as missional. It has been a long time since I have been on a church website that didn't include the word missional somewhere in their value statements. Missional churches.  Missional conferences.  Missional books.  Missional leaders. Missional.  Missional.  Missional. Us late modern church … [Read more...]

Racism, Riots, and Religion Revisited


Dave: What has this world come to?  God help us... There used to be a time when there was respect for law and order.  When young people listened to their parents and their teachers and the police- no matter what race they were!  Now, everyone thinks nothing of mouthing off to authority, of burning cop cars, of giving the middle finger to the news cameras, all because of … [Read more...]

On What Christianity Is and What it is Not


What is Christianity? Some say it is a tired, old, throwback.  It is the codification of the stunted desires of long dead prudes.  The anthem of the morally anal-retentive. Others say it is the invention of the late-Roman world powers.  A grand trick of the rulers to keep the masses pacified and distracted. Still others say it is the symbolic representation of the … [Read more...]