Racism, Riots, and Religion Revisited


Dave: What has this world come to?  God help us… There used to be a time when there was respect for law and order.  When young people listened to their parents and their teachers and the police- no matter what race they were!  Now, everyone thinks nothing of mouthing off to authority, of burning cop cars, of giving the middle finger to the news cameras, all because of supposed racism.  Robert Bork was right: we are slouching toward Gomorrah.

Simon: Did you actually say that?  Talk of the good ole days?  What the hell?  Racism was alive and well back then, just as racism is alive and well today.  Was that back when black people weren’t allowed to vote, or back when they merely got jumped by a group of white dudes for talking to a white girl?  That was the good ole’ Christian days?  Are you kidding me?  You wanna go back to the 1950s Alabama or something?  Geez…  Quit smoking the Franklin Graham hash.

Dave: You guys, you kill me.  You just don’t get it.  Things were different when I was a kid.  But you wouldn’t believe that thanks to the liberal media.  When I was young, no one would think of burning down some hard working family’s business.  It didn’t matter what color they were- no one would do that!  People used to believe in God and right and wrong.  If someone got arrested by the police or if they had to be shot by them- we all knew it was because they were up to no good.  Everyone knew that.  Don’t give me this racism excuse.  I thought you were a Christian and you believed the Bible?  Romans 13- God created government so obey it!  It doesn’t bear the sword in vain.  Why are you so into this liberal, university junk that thinks the police are bad and the rioters, who beat people up and destroy the city are good?  That is just backwards!  Can’t you see what all of those progressive blogs and books have done to you?  You’re mixed up!  You’ve lost touch with the Bible and reality!

Simon: God d*&% it!  You are really starting to piss me off.  This is why so many of us young people are embarrassed by the churches we grew up in!

Dave: Well, there you go.  Listen to you.  Cussing and swearing at me…  That shows where your heart is…

Simon: Shut up!  Freakin… D&%$… God, you drive me crazy…  Look, you wanna start quoting the Bible at me?!  Why don’t you look at Jesus, huh?!  Why don’t you start with him?  You think he would sit back and be cool with all of this racism in our country!?  You know, he was the guy that the “police” executed?  You know, the guy that was whacked because he was considered a revolutionary and a danger to the state?  Why don’t you look at him!  I can tell you whose side Jesus would be on today: the side of Freddie Gray, Walter Scott, Eric Garner, and Michael Brown.  That’s who!  It’s people like you that Jesus was against!  Comfortable, middle-class, majority-culture people, who think they are so religious and yet you have no idea of what the black experience in America has been like.  No idea what racism does to people.  The last frickin’ Western country to abolish slavery- that’s who America is. The “Christian nation” that was still lynching people in the 40s and having whites only bathrooms in the 60s.  That’s who Jesus would be against!

Dave: Your attitude and tone with me and language prove that you don’t truly believe in God. Was America a place with slavery and racism?  Yes.  But that was a long, long time ago.  Way before any of these criminals were born.  Why do you keep living in the past?  Look, we have a black President!  The mayor of Baltimore is black!  The chief of police in Baltimore is black!  Don’t act like this is Georgia in the 1840’s. It’s isn’t.  I had a black woman work for me that was a terrible employee. And I tried to work with her, to help her out, kept giving her chances because I pray, and I believe the Bible, and I look at my business as a ministry.  Could I fire her?  No.  I’d be sued.  Don’t give me we live in some society filled with racism- it’s not true.  That is just what Jon Stewart and the liberals want you to believe.

Simon: Dude, why would people want me to believe that we live in a racist society if it’s not true?  That doesn’t make sense.  You think black people make racism up?  You have no idea because you are white and middle class.  You don’t know what it is like for people of color.  The police don’t pull you over because you are suspicious looking.  They don’t stop you and frisk you when you walk down the street.  If you are speeding they don’t arrest you and then make it hard for you to get a job because of some bulls*#@ rap sheet.  You just don’t get it.

Dave: Any police officer I know is a good person.  They risk their lives for us.  I’ve got three that are members of my church.  They took dangerous jobs that don’t pay well because they are trying to help people.  The reason you can go to a state University and not feel at risk, is because they have worked hard to make our community safe.  Don’t give me this.  The problem in our country isn’t racism.  It’s sin.  People keep believing these liberal lies and thinking life is about partying and doing what you want and using drugs and sleeping around.  That’s the problem.  If people would give their lives to The Lord, they wouldn’t use drugs and rob people and riot and the police would leave them alone.  This what the police are for.  That is what my police friends pray for.  Racism has nothing to do with it.

Simon: Man, I don’t know what to say to you.  I don’t know at all.  Of course there are some cops who are good people.  But the system is rigged.  The system is built on racism.  People riot because they can’t take it anymore.  Don’t you get it?  People riot because people like you vote crazies into office who defund urban schools, and defund food stamp programs, and defund community colleges.  So these people have no hope for some cushy life like yours in the suburbs and going on vacation and all that crap.  Of course some people chill out sometimes with pot or something to just get a break from all of this injustice.  And then Ronald Reagan, and people like you, want the police to beat them up and throw them jail.  God, you are clueless.

Dave: When Ronald Reagan was President things were different.  The economy was good, people had real hope, not this Obama silly, fake, hope stuff.  We had a man in the White House who loved America and believed in God.  If he was President, all of these riots and lawlessness would be over and those business owners in Baltimore would be back to making money for their families and those thugs would be in jail.

Simon: Reagan?  The dude who started his campaign in Philadelphia, Mississippi- the place that was known for white supremacy?  That dude wasn’t a Christian.  Read a book some time.  He didn’t go to church.  He didn’t stay married to his wife.  His own kids didn’t like him.  That dude helped create you psycho people who get rich and don’t care about the poor.

Dave: Don’t you call me that.  Don’t call Reagan that!  Why don’t you go read your Bible and get your head screwed on straight so you won’t be some bleeding heart for these violent criminals?  It’s simple: screwed up, immoral people who just want to watch the world burn are creating all sorts of violence because they are lost.  And you defend them!  You call it racism.  But it’s really just immorality.

Simon: Geez, what are pissed off, suffering people, supposed to do when another one of their brothers and friends is killed by the police!?  When they can’t get jobs because of the color of their skin and because they couldn’t go to college because they were too poor?  When their only option is joining the military, and getting shot at over there, and getting PSD all because of George Bush’s oil wars?  If you were them, you would be as angry as hell too!  And with the growing income inequality, this is only going to increase.

Dave: Excuses, excuses.  All you have is excuses for sinful, dangerous people who are up to no good!  That’s all you have.  You are blinded brother.  Blinded by the devil.

Simon: What?  What did you say?!  You know what, I’m done with this s%#$.  I’m freakin outta here…  Why don’t you go home and watch your Fox News and get a little angrier and become a little more of an old, scared, white guy?  And then, go read some more of your favorite Old Testament “kill em’ all” Bible stories.  But whatever you do, don’t read Jesus!  You won’t like what you find.  And you know what? Don’t talk to me anymore.  I’m done with this crap.

Dave: Well, that’s certainly a godly attitude…  And, you know what?  I do read the gospels.  Jesus said, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life, no one comes to the Father but by me.”  That’s what these gang-bangers need:  Jesus!  But Fine.  If that’s the way you want to be…  Fine.  I will give you your space, if that’s what you want.  But I will also pray for you…

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